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Leo van Doeselaar

Amsterdam, Wed, 10. nov 2004 — Enthousiastic review in the 'Frankfurter Algemeine' of performance by Leo van Doeselaar and the Radio Orchestra of Bavaria. Leo announces release of new CD.

20041110 Herkulessaal

The platform of the Herkulessaal before the performance of Rihm's concerto

On Saturday October 30th the first 'Musica viva' Concert of the new season by the Radio Orchestra of Bavaria took place at the Herkulessaal in Munich. One of the items on the programme was Wolfgang Rihm's 'Unbenannt IV', a work that was premièred by the Amsterdam Concertgebouw Orchestra during the Festival of Lucerne 2004.
"The organ offers a kind of second undercoat for the orchestra," writes Gerhard Rohde in the Frankfurter Algemeine of 03.11.04, "while the orchestra itself is split up in three different sound groups. This refined organization results in an exciting dialogue, in the Herkulessaal realized in a fabulous way by conductor Zagrosek and the Bavarian Orchestra, with Leo van Doeselaar playing the organ part outstandingly."