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Leo van Doeselaar

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The Concert tour of the piano duo Jordans and Van Doeselaar on the Indonesian island Java has met with great succes. The tour started on October 20th with a performance at the Campus University of Jogjakarta. On the programme Bach's Second Suite, Hungarian Dances by Brahms, three movements from Ravel's 'Ma Mère L'Oye' and 'Le Boeuf sur le Toit' by Milhaud. The 22nd, the same programme was performed in the Erasmus House in Jakarta.

Two days later the couple gave a Lecture Recital at the Jakarta Conservatory which was attended by a great many young students who after the performance bombarded the artists with questions. Moreover, they received a golden medal and various presents because of their 25th anniversary as a piano duo. The tour ended the 25th, at the Residence of the Dutch Ambassador in Indonesia, Baron van Heemstra. We see him here on the picture during his speech of thanks.

 'As far as I understood from the reviews in the Indonesian papers,' says Van Doeselaar, 'the critics were unanimously full of praise for our playing.'