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Leo van Doeselaar

quatre mains francaises

"Sheer publicity for piano playing,' so Herman Havercate characterizes the CD Á quatre-mains françaises' in the Twentsche Courant of 13 November 2006. "Until recently, music for piano duet had a rather low image. Quite undeservedly, for that kind of music is often very funny. Jordans and Van Doeselaar already for more than 25 years go for the mainly late 19th-century repertoire, generally with a refreshing result. The CD is filled with French piano music, often dug up in antique shops in Paris, now melancolic, and now virtuoso and full of humour. Piano playing bubbling with vitality by a duo that also musically has become very close after all those years."

 Reviewer Frits van der Waa, too, is highly pleased with the 'delightful livestock' of 'Á quatre-mains françaises'. "Milhaud's cow, Ravel's dragonfly, Ibert's little ass and Saint-Saëns' animal parade grow wings under the hands of Jordans and Van Doeselaar", he writes in the Volkskrant of 30 November 2006.