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Leo van Doeselaar

Amsterdam, Sat., 20. Aug. 2005 — A Volkskrant review of the concerts given by Leo van Doeselaar and Peter Masseurs as part of the organ weekend at the Concertgebouw.

Orgel Concertgebouw Amsterdam

In the 'Volkskrant' of 22 August 2005 Frits van der Waal talks over the two concerts given recently by Leo van Doeselaar at the Amsterdam Concertgebouw.

"Franck's 'Six Pièces' may not always be so exciting with their sugary hymnal passages and academic polyphony," he writes, "but Van Doeselaar managed to fuse these to a tasteful whole, expertly taking advantage of the many possibilities of the instrument. During the recital with trumpet player Peter Masseurs those possibilities stood even out more clearly. The interaction between the real trumpet sound and the artificial one of the organ was really most charming."